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Packaging Weighing Controller

PT6500 is designed with the latest delta-sigma chip of 21st century,  Besides the software functions of the original PT650D, a number of new functions are added to achieve high precision and fast conversion effect, such as three-way standard opto-coupler input port, kilogram/pound unit conversion, peak/trough value retention function, high/low limit  and lag switch function.

It is adopts the aluminum alloy profile all metal shell design, with good sealing, small volume , low power consumption,high precision, smart modelling ,exquisite lightweight,convenient installation, simple operation and so on.The instrument is widely used in food (feed, flour), chemical industry, construction, agriculture and other industries,It is the ideal weighing instrument in domestic weighing, batching, quantitative and packaging weighing controller.

  • Can be used for all resistance strain type force measurement and weighing sensor;

  • Microprocessor controlled operation;;

  • Optional communication: RS232/RS485/ 0-10v / 4-20mA

  • Choose clear and stable 13mm 6-bit LED digital display;

  • Optional display of gross and net weights;

  • The weight of display can be divided into the following :1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50

  • Overload display "O.L ";

  • 4 decimal points can be selected;

  • Automatic zero tracking;

  • Light touch button automatic peeling;

  • Adopt delta-sigma method;

  • Internal resolution is 16,000,000;

  • Maximum display degree is 300 to 10,000 degrees;

  • Sampling speed is about 200 times per second;

  • Self-diagnosis function when power on;

  • Can use software to set functions;

  • External switches are set as protection parameters and adjusted;

  • Optional software: single material batching option.