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Pin type load cell ZHSE01

Pin type load cell ZHSE01


Full load output: 2.0004mV/V

Product advantages:

This product is suitable for the process control and system measurement in lifting, water conservancy, shipping and other industries.

Product features:

The products can be according to the different USES, easily installed in the connection place two metal structure of peg, rigging shackle, pulleys (group), crown block (group), wedge joint, capel, Marine rigging, open screw rod head and fork joint, coupling fork, the suspension loop, the steel wheel shaft hole, can rise to replace the original axis function, also have the effect of weighing load cell, so that the whole weighing load control system of mechanical parts is greatly simplified.

Product parameters: 

Capacity: 3 T

Full load output: 2.0004 mV/V

Maximum excitation voltage: 15V DC or AC

Composite error: < 0.050%

Temperature compensation range: -10 ~ 40℃

Repeatability error: less than 0.03% FS

Operating temperature range: -20 ~ 60℃

Creep: < 0.050% FS

Output temperature coefficient:< 0.0020%FS/℃

Temperature coefficient: < 0.0030%FS/℃

Excitation voltage: 10V·DC

Insulation impedance: >5,000 Mohm

Safety overload: 150% range

Ultimate overload: 300% range