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Tension & compression load cell
Tension and compresion load cell ZHSH04

Tension and compresion load cell ZHSH04

• Capacity: 10kg~500kg.

• Small and delicate structure, 13mm in diameter and 33mm in height.

• Upper and lower sides are threaded for easy installation.

• Protection grade IP66, waterproof and moisture-proof, suitable for damp environment.

• Stainless steel material, beautiful appearance.

• Can be used alone, or with the display instrument, to get the required signal output.

• Used for testing the elasticity of keys on computers and mobile phones.

• Other precision requirements force measurement space equipment.

• For small force  test underwater.

Features and applications:

• Miniature sensor, with low height

• Tension and compression two-way, IP66

• Stainless steel materials

• Externally equipped with an adjustable resistor

• Used for consumer electronics test equipment and other equipment with low precision and low load