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Tension & compression load cell
Tension and compresion load cell ZHSH03

Tension and compresion load cell ZHSH03

• S-type aluminum alloy load cell

• Tension and compresion,

• Capacity: 50kg~5t.

• High accuracy.

• Easy installation.

• Wire length 3 meters.

• Different capacity with different appearance.

• Can be used alone, or two or more sets of products at the same time, but must be connected with the rod end bearing or connecting rod, which is conducive to the weighing method of lifting equipment.

• S-type sensor is easy to install and suitable for electronic weighing equipment such as crane, electronic scale, material filling, packaging scale, quantitative feeder, filling machine, universal material testing machine, etc.

Features and Application:

• Tension and compression load cell

• Alloy or stainless steel materials

• Max capacity: 5t

• Used for testing machine, push and pull meter, hopper scale, hook scale and other industrial measurement system