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DH920 Lift overload protector Standard version

DH920 Lift overload protector Standard version

DH-920 collects the signals from the weighing sensor on the top of the hanging cage, amplifying and processing by PCB circuit operation, and compares with the rated load of the hanging cage.

so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the lifting load of the hanging cage and reducing the occurrence of man-made major accidents to the greatest extent.

Product parameter:

Product features:

  1. Dh-920 provides you with rich and powerful features:
  2. High-precision weighing chip can effectively ensure the accuracy of real-time load, load display value can reach two decimal places;
  3. Unique TimeDelay function can completely eliminate the impact on the accuracy of actual load:
  4. High quality and reliable connector technology, truly realize the zero wiring process of product installation;
  5. Reliable password control function, effectively prevent unauthorized parameter changes;
  6. Large capacity memory chip, can make overload records up to 30,000;
  7. Arbitrary setting of rated load greatly enhanced product universal and interchangeability.