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Tension & compression load cell
Tension and compresion load cell ZHSH01

Tension and compresion load cell ZHSH01


• Tension and compression load cell

• Small shape variables, IP65

• Stainless steel materials

• Mainly used for testing machine, small coking coal, material level meter, micro tensile pressure measuring equipment, such as manipulator, film sticking machine, rivet machine, welding machine, plug and pull force tester

Features and Application:

• Capacity 5kg~100kg.

• High accuracy.

• Forces in both directions can be measured.

• Stainless steel.

• Compact and delicate structure, diameter 25.4mm.

• M5/M6 threads on top and bottom for easy installation.

• Used alone, or with weighing instrument, to get the required output signal.

• Mainly used for key elasticity test of computer and mobile phone, small coking coal and material level gauge, micro tension measuring equipment (such as manipulator) ,easy to install.

• Other force measurement or force value measurement.