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Compression load cell
Compression load cell ZHSA50

Compression load cell ZHSA50

  1. Capacity: 0.25T~100T.
  2. Low profile weighing sensor, disc design.
  3. 82mm~165mm diameter, heavy weight.
  4. Designed for measuring low height pressure, cylindrical structure.
  5. Stainless steel material with all welded stainless steel seal cover.
  6. Protection grade IP67, waterproof and moisture-proof, can be used in corrosive environment.
  7. Compact structure, easy to install, wide range of applications including testing and weighing systems.
  8. Lonely used or together with several sets of devices, can be equipped with weigting intrument into the output signal you need.
  9. Used for truck scale, platform scale, stock bin and other weighing system.

Features and Applications:

  • Miniature load cell
  • Stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, IP64
  • Externally equipped with an adjustable resistor
  • Suitable for pressure holding equipment, mobile phone assembly force, key feel tester, press pressure test, machine hand grasp force and other small space force measurement