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Weighing transmitter  ZHYA01

Weighing transmitter ZHYA01

The product is mainly used for the amplification of mV level signals output by strain sensors in various industrial scales to supply the working power of sensors.

and at the same time, the mV level signals are amplified to 0-20mA or 4-20mA current and other standard signals connected to the weigthing instrument or PLC to participate in the process control.

Product advantages:

ZHYA01 millivolt transmitter is specially designed for various resistance strain sensors .It is widely used in non-electric power measuring situations where strain sensors are used.The transmitter has the characteristics of high precision, stable performance and convenient operation.

Product features:

◆ Adjusted internal bridge voltage  

◆ Voltage reverse connection protection

◆ External zero potentiometer

◆ Used wiring terminals

◆ Protection grade: IP65

Product parameters:

Current output technical indexes:

● Working voltage: DC 12V, 15V, 24V

● Output: 4-20ma (or 0-10ma, 0-20ma)

Low load impedance: <=500 Ω ( working at 24v )

● Output current accuracy: better than 0.1% f.s.

● Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +85℃

Voltage output type technical indexes:

● Working voltage: DC 12V, 15V, 24V

● Output: 0-5vdc (or 1-5vdc, 0-10vdc,0-±5VDC)

Low load impedance: >=500Ω 

● Output current accuracy: better than 0.02%F.S

● Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +85℃