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DH1200 Commercial concrete centralized control system

DH1200 Commercial concrete centralized control system

Commercial concrete centralized control system is mainly used in the construction industry in concrete mixing plant (tower), It is used to control multi-scale and bin batching system of automatic weighing, batching, stirring.It can configured up to 12 scales. 

In single agitator control mode: including five aggregate scales , three powder scales, one water scale .2 admixture scales, and tow  storage hopper scale  :

In dual mixer control mode: including up to four aggregate scales( discharge right & left), two cement scales, two fly ash scales, two water scales and two admixture scales. 

It is designed based on the control principle of batch concrete mixing plant (building).

Warehouse scales can be configured and print ingredients information through the print interface according to user requirements.

Product parameters:

Product features: 

1. Static weighing and display of up to 12 scales;

2. Dynamic weighing control for each scale and multiple material weights;

3. Concrete mixing plant (building) automatic production flow control;

4, the system empty scale test function;

5. Secondary feeding function of aggregate;

6. Disk number control and task control;

7. Suspend production and resume production function without disturbance after stopping;

8. Change the disc number and water setting function in the production process;

9. Convenient and fast digital scale calibration  (including calibration zero point and calibration end point) ,(can be independently calibrated zero point or calibration end point);

10. Optional fixed drop and automatic drop tracking compensation;

11. Direct setting of common parameters;

12. Printing function, with standard printer;

13. Fast and slow control of all material scales;

14. Automatic arch breaking or vibration of all material scales;

15. Control functions of the pump valves during discharge of water and liquid agent scales respectively;

16, Liquid agent scale spray function;

17, Sand wrapped stone function of the aggregate scale;

18. Unique anti-vibration design of software and hardware can effectively improve the control accuracy of ingredients;

19. Half-open door and inching control for unloading concrete;

20, communication function, RS-232 serial communication port with PC;

21. Clock display and production record query function;

22, perfect feeding and buckle scale function;

23.Programmable input and output interfaces.

24. Automatic peeling function.

The control system adopts industrial grade integrated circuit, device and modular design, which has the advantages of high weighing accuracy, simple operation, reasonable price and high reliability.In terms of hardware design, the high-speed 32-bit ARM processor is adopted in the central processing part to ensure the reliability and real-time processing ability . The high-speed 24-bit AD with the highest performance in the industry is adopted in the data collection part to greatly improve the accuracy of weighing and dosing.Display high - definition LCD screen, user-friendly interface design, so that the instrument is very easy to use.The unique anti-interference design makes the controller can be used reliably even in bad environment.

It has RS-232 serial communication port, which can be conveniently and reliably on-line with PC.

 Stronger management function and screen display function, make the control system easier to use and meet the demand of different users.