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DH1200 Commercial concrete centralized control cabinet

DH1200 Commercial concrete centralized control cabinet

DH1200 commercial concrete centralized control cabinet is mainly applied to concrete mixing plant (building) in the construction industry, which is used to control the automatic weighing and automatic batching of the batching system of multiple scales and warehouses.

It is designed based on the control principle of batch concrete mixing plant (building).

Warehouse scales can be configured, and can print ingredients information through the print interface according to user requirements.

Product parameter:

Product advantages:

DH1200 commercial concrete centralized control cabinet one-stop control, no  need more control cabinets, simple and convenient  to operation.

One-button automatic production, friendly human-machine interface ingredients system , Chinese display.

Product features:

1. Static weighing and display of up to 12 scales;

2. Dynamic weighing control for each scale and multiple material weights;

3. Concrete mixing plant (building) automatic production flow control;

4. Disk number control and task control;

5. Suspend production and resume production function without disturbance after stopping;

6. Change the disk number and water setting function in the production process;

7.convenient and fast digital scale calibration  (including indpendenly calibration zero point and end point)

8. Printing function, with standard printer;

9, Broken arch or vibration automatically of all material scales;

10. Respectively control function of the pump valves during discharge of water and liquid agent scales.

11. Unique anti-vibration design of software and hardware can effectively improve the control accuracy of ingredients;

12, communication function, RS-232 serial port communicate with PC ;

13. Programmable input and output interfaces.

14. Automatic peeling function.