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WCB600T Stable soil control system

WCB600T Stable soil control system

The product control all kinds of selected materials such as lime, gravel, soil particles and fly ash. With loads of batching machine hopper loader, the belt feeder metering sent to the aggregate machine, at the same time, the stabilizer such as lime and cement powder by a variety of ways to send into the powder storage warehouse, and then by screw conveyor enter measuring hopper,  the feeder ginven the measurement .All kinds of materials are sent to the main mixing machine.The feeding belt machine transfer the mixed finished stable soil to the finished warehouse for temporary storage.

Product advantages:

  • This product is suitable for any highway, airport and other ground floor construction

    • Product features:

      This product use  industrial microcomputer control system, it has a strong adaptation of all kinds of  material, high reliability ,simple operation ,compact structure,reasonable layout ,easy to install,, debugging, maintenance and so on.

    • Product parameters:

    • Theoretical productivity (t/h) : 600

    • The hopper capacity (㎥) : 8

    • Maximum aggregate diameter (mm) : ≤60

    • Gradation type: 5

    • Grading accuracy: aggregate ≤ 3%, cement ≤ 1%, water ≤ 1-2%

    • Total power (kw) : 145